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Editing requirements:

  • Paper should be in Times New Roman Font with 12 font size on A4 paper printed at single side. Margin should be 1” (inch) on four sides. The softcopy of the paper also be sent to the publisher in MSW-97-2003 by email. criticalspacejournal@gmail.com; criticalspace@rediffmail.com
  • The contributor should strictly follow 7th edition MLA style sheet. Don’t use Foot Notes instead, use End Notes.
  • The paper should not exceed 3000 words.
  • The paper must be acknowledged with i) A declaration that it is an original work and has not been published anywhere else or sent for publication ii) Abstract of paper about 200 words and iii) A short bio-note of the contributor(s) indicating name, institutional affiliation, brief career history, postal address, mobile number and e-mail, in a single attachment. Please don’t send more attachments. Give these things below your paper and send all these things in a separate single MS-Word attachment.
  • The submitted paper should manifest thoughtful educational strata and should contribute new knowledge or innovative critical perspectives to the English language, literature and culture.

Selection Procedure:

  • All submissions will be screened through the blind peer reviewing committee. Final selection will be made only if the papers are recommended for publication by the reviewers. Intimations regarding acceptance of the paper for publication or otherwise will be informed through email. The editors reserve the right to make necessary editing of selected papers for the sake of conceptual clarity and formatting.

Plagiarism Alert:

  • It is warned to the contributor(s) that he/she must adhere to academic ethics with respect to acknowledgment of original ideas of the others. The editors will not be responsible for any such lapse of the contributor. All submissions should be original and must be accompanied by a declaration that it is an original work and has not been published anywhere else. It will be your sole responsibility for such lapses, if any. Neither editor, nor publisher will be responsible for it.

Note: Research paper must be sent in Soft copy as well as in Hard copy with declaration of originality of the paper.